Punching Drums


I’m Wendy. I’m a musician who plays the drums and I’ve been awarded the “Most Gutsiest Drummer” by Rock Band.

So basically, I graduated high school from 2007 and clearly impressed all my teachers and fellow students with my mad drumming skills, so I then went to study music at Ultimo TAFE from 2008 to 2011. The initial plan was to become a Moto GP racer, but that never worked out.

I’m currently drumming in The Sycamores. Apparently, they think I’m alright at playing drums, or else why would they welcome me on board? Or maybe it’s just my handsome face and charming personality. We can never be sure.

Below all this is a couple of songs I’ve played in and a handsome photo of me that I had taken during my time in another band that was playing at Spectrum on Oxford St.

Having said that, if you’d like someone to drum for you, I’d probably be your best bet as my friend said I am the best drummer in the universe. Or maybe you’d like to experience my handsome face and charming personality? I don’t blame you. Either way, contact me through wl@punchingdrums.net.

(Cat drummer by Edman Goodrich.)

The Sycamores - The Rascal

The Rascal

The Sycamores

Neon Screen

The Sycamores - Reya


The Sycamores

Neon Screen


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